Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bait food used to attract and catch fish or animals.
bitter having a strong taste that is neither sweet nor sour.
bottom the lowest or deepest part of something.
cash money in the form of bills and coins.
circle a line that curves so that one end meets the other. The line is made up of points that are all the same distance from the center.
essay a short piece of writing on a particular subject that contains the ideas and opinions of the author.
flake a small, thin piece that has split off from or peeled off of a surface.
homework work that a teacher asks students to do at home.
knife a tool with a handle and a thin, sharp blade that is used for cutting.
love a strong feeling of liking and caring about another person that usually causes a deep desire to be physically close to that person.
respect to give honor to someone; to put someone in a high position in your feelings.
strong having power; difficult to break or damage.
suit a set of clothes of the same material and color. A suit has a short coat and pants or a skirt.
telephone to call or speak to someone using an electronic device that sends and receives sound over long distances.
voice the sound that comes from your mouth when you speak or sing.