Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bare wearing no clothing or covering; naked.
cartoon a picture or set of pictures that make people laugh or think. Cartoons often have words that show what a character is thinking or saying.
coin a piece of metal money that is small, flat, and round.
dart to move quickly; dash.
fan1 a machine that makes air move by means of blades that spin.
fighter a boxer.
gift something a person gives without wanting anything in return; a present.
hang to attach to a point without support from below.
health the condition of one's body or mind.
heap many things lying on top of each other; pile.
length the distance from one end of something to the other.
listen to try to hear.
rip to cut open, off, or apart with force; tear.
sweep to clear the floor of dirt or dust.
weed any plant that grows wild in places where people do not want it to grow.