Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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elevator a device that carries people or things from one floor to another in a building. An elevator is like a small room or platform that moves up and down.
lick to pass the tongue over or along the surface of something.
maze a complicated network of paths or passages between high walls or thick hedges which are often designed to confuse those who travel through them.
mission a special job given to a person or group of people.
nest a structure of sticks and other material that birds make to hold their eggs.
piece a section or part separated from the whole.
pot a deep, round container made of metal, clay, glass, or other material. Pots are used for cooking and other purposes.
protect to defend or keep safe from danger or harm.
purse a bag used for carrying money and other personal things. A purse is often made of leather, cloth, or a similar material.
rattle to make a series of hard, short knocking sounds.
shed2 to take off or drop something that covers or grows.
small little in size, number, or amount.
spare available for use at a later time.
stupid dull or slow to learn; not smart.
trim to make neat by cutting away some parts.