Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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both one and the other of two things or people.
bubble a ball of air or other gas inside another substance.
cloud a white or gray mass of small drops of water high in the sky above the earth.
crunch to chew with a crackling noise; crush by biting.
cup a small, open container used for drinking.
elect to choose by means of voting.
fond having or showing feelings of love.
hero a person who has courage and who is a model for others.
map a picture of an area of the earth or sky drawn or printed on a flat surface.
mask a covering that hides all or part of the face.
news information about important events happening in the present. The news is presented on television or radio or in a newspaper or magazine.
nighttime the time between sunset and dawn.
pail a container with steep sides and a handle; bucket.
sort kind or type.
water the clear liquid that is in rain and that fills up rivers, lakes, and oceans.