Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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base the part that supports something or that something stands on.
brush a tool for cleaning, painting, and other things. It has a handle and a tight group of stiff <hwref>fibers</hwref> on one end.
family a group made up of a parent or parents and their children.
follow to come or go after or behind.
hear to receive sound with the ears.
helpful doing useful things for a person or group; giving aid.
meaning the message that is understood or intended when someone uses a word.
peace a time when there is no war or fighting.
peek to look for a short time or in secret.
people all persons who belong to the same community, country, religion, or race.
pitch1 the throw of a baseball by the pitcher toward the batter, who tries to hit it.
roar to make a deep, loud cry or shout, as in anger, pain, or excitement.
roll to move by turning over and over.
scary causing fear; frightening.
suit a set of clothes of the same material and color. A suit has a short coat and pants or a skirt.