Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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born a past participle of bear1.
burn to be on fire.
celebration a party or anything else that people do to honor a special event.
dawn the first light of day that appears in the morning.
emperor the male ruler of an empire.
fortune a large amount of money or wealth.
gulf a large area of ocean partly surrounded by land.
hate to have a very strong bad feeling toward something; to not like in any way.
late happening after the usual or expected time.
rid to cause things that are not wanted to go away.
roof the surface or covering on the top of a building.
runway a smooth, level strip on which airplanes take off and land.
sign something that shows a fact, event, or some other thing.
smack to hit noisily with an open hand; slap.
swell to become larger because of growth or pressure.