Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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awareness the state or condition of having noticed something or being conscious of something.
blunder a silly or careless mistake.
chord2 three or more musical notes played at the same time.
combine to bring or join together into a whole.
courtroom a room in which legal cases are heard before a judge.
feat an act or achievement that shows courage, strength, or skill.
gland a group of cells or an organ that produces fluids that are released into the body or pass out of the body.
income the money received for work or from property that is owned.
insecure without enough protection; not safe or secure.
poet a person who writes poetry.
producer a person or company that makes something.
reign rule by a king or queen.
trespass an act of entering the property of another without permission, which is against the law.
valuable worth a lot of money.
venture an activity or undertaking in which there is risk or the result is not certain.