Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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amaze to surprise greatly or fill with wonder; astonish.
cable a bundle of insulated wires used to carry electric current.
eventually at a future time; in the end; finally.
examination a test of skill used to see how much a person knows or can do.
hunch to lift up or arch into a hump.
overseas across any of the oceans; abroad.
pest someone or something that annoys or bothers; nuisance.
prairie a large area of fertile land covered with grass.
sketch a drawing or painting that was done in a hurry or without detail. Sketches are sometimes done to prepare for later work.
slit to cut a long straight line into or through.
slobber to let liquid, especially saliva, dribble from the mouth; drool.
tend1 to be likely; usually do.
threat a statement that harm or punishment will follow.
twilight the faint light in the sky when the sun is below the horizon before sunrise and after sunset.
vapor tiny particles of a liquid or solid in a gas.