Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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betray to help the enemy of; commit treason.
commissioner the head of a government department.
convenient easily used for someone's needs, purposes, or comfort; useful.
lumber1 logs cut into boards or beams for use in building.
mingle to come together or join with other people.
nasal of the nose.
origin the point or place from which something comes; source.
pamper to treat or please with too much care or attention; spoil.
performance a particular entertainment presented before an audience.
radar the use of radio waves to track the location, distance, and speed of faraway objects. Waves are sent out and then picked up again when they bounce back after hitting some object.
scarcely almost not; just barely.
scowl to make an angry frown.
skilled having skill.
substance a particular kind of matter.
utter1 to give forth with the voice.