Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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assistant a person who gives help or aid.
bellow to shout loudly and with a deep tone.
beware to be careful or wary (often used imperatively).
clash to strike together with force, making a loud noise.
cowardice a lack of bravery to work through danger, pain, or other difficult things.
effectiveness the quality or condition of working as intended or of having the desired result.
excellence the condition of being very good or outstanding.
funnel a tool shaped like a cone with a narrow tube at the small end. Funnels are used for pouring something into a small opening.
modern having to do with the present or current times.
realize to understand completely.
recent having to do with or happening in the very near past.
restate to say or write again or in a different way.
strict requiring obedience or hard effort.
tariff a government tax on goods that come into a country; duty.
warehouse a large building or other place where products or private goods are stored.