Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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association a group of people joined together for a common purpose or by a shared interest.
chemistry the science that studies the form and function of basic elements and their compounds.
compare to note or describe the similarities or differences of.
deposit money that has been put in a bank, or anything that has been put somewhere and allowed to remain.
embroider to make or decorate with needlework.
familiar known by many people; easily recognized.
gory extremely violent, with great bloodshed.
governor a person who leads a state of the United States or some other political unit.
loyalty the condition of being faithful or true to someone or something.
manager the person who controls a business or acts as the leader of a plan or project.
pal (informal) a fairly close friend.
solution the act or process of solving a problem or question.
uncomfortable not feeling at ease.
versus against; in opposition to.
wink to close and open one eye quickly, as a sign of agreement or friendliness.