Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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avoid to keep away from.
disagree to differ in opinion.
headline the title to a newspaper article that tells what the article is about. The headline for the most important news is in the largest type on the front page of the paper.
hypnosis a condition like sleep that is caused by the direction of another person. People under hypnosis may do or say things as directed or suggested by the person who has put them in this condition.
invade to enter as an enemy, by force, in order to conquer or plunder.
invest to put into use for the purpose of making money.
quicken to make faster; accelerate.
realize to understand completely.
researcher one who does careful, dedicated study of something in order to gain information about it or solve a problem.
shock1 a sudden and powerful scare; an upset of the mind or feelings.
spank to hit with the open hand or a hard object as punishment.
squeal a fairly long, loud, shrill sound or cry.
tribal of or relating to a group of people having the same ancestors, customs, and other characteristics.
truant absent from school without permission.
wrongdoing conduct that is bad, immoral, or illegal.