Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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alongside by the side of; next to; beside.
attract to cause to come near.
county one of several sections into which a U.S. state is divided.
directly without space or action in between.
fancy something pictured in the mind or wished for that may not be based on reason or real life.
inherit to receive from a person who has died; be heir to.
mumble to speak low and in a way that is not easy to understand; mutter.
negligent not showing proper concern; careless.
quarterback the football player who calls the plays and handles the ball in most plays.
receive to get or take.
reproduction a copy of something.
unsuccessful not resulting in or achieving the desired goal.
vice wicked, evil, or criminal behavior.
weapon an object or device used to attack or defend.
whether used to introduce one choice or alternative.