Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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beloved cherished and adored.
bloat to make swollen or too full of air, water, or food.
commercial having to do with trade or business.
completely entirely; absolutely.
creation the act of making something or causing something to exist.
debt something owed to another person.
dome a rounded roof or ceiling on a room or building.
embroider to make or decorate with needlework.
lunge a sudden movement toward something; thrust, leap, or dive.
plural having to do with or naming the form of a word that signals more than one.
protective keeping safe from harm or used to shield against danger.
stub a short part that sticks out; stump.
suburban of or having to do with communities that are near a city and where people who work in the city often live.
transaction a piece of business, such as a sale or trade.
unable not having the power, skill, or means needed to do something; not able.