Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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adviser a person who gives advice.
attention the concentration of one's mind on something.
benefit to be helpful to; have good results for.
bluster to blow in a strong and noisy way.
clamber to climb with difficulty or in an awkward way, using hands and feet.
clumsy without physical grace or control; awkward.
cocoon a covering made by young insects and some other arthropods to protect themselves while they change from a pupa into an adult. Some spiders make cocoons to hide their eggs.
custom a way of acting that is usual or accepted for a person or a social group.
differently in another or new way.
episode one event in a series of events in a person's life or a story.
flee to run away or escape.
inform to give knowledge to; tell.
minister a person authorized to perform or help at the religious services of some religions.
mutter to speak in a low tone that is hard to understand; mumble.
wee very small or tiny.