Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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assign to set apart or give out for a particular use.
computer an electronic device that is used to store and sort information and work with data at a high speed.
condition a state of being or existence.
county one of several sections into which a U.S. state is divided.
currently at the present time; now.
gear any equipment, clothes, or tools used for some particular purpose.
inherit to receive from a person who has died; be heir to.
modest not thinking too highly of oneself; humble.
persuade to cause to do something by using reason or argument.
recite to speak the words of from memory and in front of others.
supportive providing help, assistance, or encouragement.
unravel to undo; reduce from cloth to threads; cause to come apart.
variety change or difference; diversity.
vertical straight up and down; upright.
yield to give forth or produce.