Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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crest a tuft of feathers, bone, or fur on an animal's head, or something that looks like this. The comb of a rooster is one kind of crest.
crush to cause to lose shape or become flat by pressing or squeezing very hard.
entertainment something that amuses or interests.
flex to bend again and again.
forlorn desolate or unhappy, as from abandonment or weariness.
fragment a broken-off or incomplete part.
migrant moving from place to place.
nursery a room where babies or young children sleep or play.
partially partly; not completely.
provider a person or organization that is a source for or supplier of a particular product or service.
repair to put in good condition again after damage has been done; fix.
scholarship money given to students to help pay for their education.
suburban of or having to do with communities that are near a city and where people who work in the city often live.
tax a sum of money paid to a government, which the government uses to pay for its services to the people and to maintain itself.
uppermost highest in place, rank, importance, or influence.