Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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amazement wonder; great surprise.
chain a row of links, usually made of metal, that are joined together and used to pull, hold, or fasten something.
coastal of, at, or near the land next to the ocean.
deposit money that has been put in a bank, or anything that has been put somewhere and allowed to remain.
exhaust the smoke or gas given off by an engine.
feud anger, unfriendliness, or fighting between families or other related groups that lasts for a long time.
flask a rounded bottle with a narrow neck.
invert to reverse the order, position, or direction of.
machinery machines in general.
procedure a series of steps that must be taken in order to do something.
quarterback the football player who calls the plays and handles the ball in most plays.
residential used as a home or as a place for homes.
rink a smooth surface of ice used for ice skating or ice hockey.
survival the act or fact of continuing to exist or be alive.
wrench to damage or hurt by twisting.