Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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bless to make holy by religious ritual.
container something, such as a box, barrel, or can, that holds or can hold something else.
downtown of or located in the lower part or the business area of a city.
glint a brief flash or flicker of reflected light.
grocery a store where food and other household supplies are sold; grocery store.
hoarse having a rough and weak sound because of illness or too much use.
interior being inside or within.
mature fully grown.
ornament something that is added to make something more beautiful to look at; decoration.
prejudice an opinion that is formed without knowing or considering all the facts.
punctual on time; prompt.
shock1 a sudden and powerful scare; an upset of the mind or feelings.
spurt to rush or shoot out in a forced or sudden way; spout.
ware (usually plural) a thing or things offered for sale.
workout a period or program of physical exercise.