Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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fame the condition of being well known or respected by a great number of people.
forgive to excuse or pardon.
leisure freedom from work or other duties that take time and effort; free time.
merriment lighthearted and happy enjoyment, especially in the company of others; gaiety; mirth.
opportunity a chance for a better situation.
orphan a child whose parents have died.
overwhelm to beat or defeat by greater force; destroy.
partnership a relationship based on a shared activity or goal.
passage a way through which something can go; corridor; channel.
prosper to be successful or have good luck; thrive.
rental something that can be rented.
retailer a person or business or who sells goods directly to the public.
soul the part of human beings separate from the physical body that is thought of as the center of feeling, thought, and spirit.
species a group of living things that can mate with one another but not with those of other groups.
threat a statement that harm or punishment will follow.