Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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aircraft any machine that can fly through the air, such as an airplane, helicopter, glider, or balloon.
applause the clapping of hands in approval.
axis a real or imaginary line through the center of an object, around which the object turns.
barb a small, sharp point that sticks out in the opposite direction of the main point or hook, as on an arrow, fishhook, or the like.
charity something given to a person or persons in need.
emission the act of giving off or sending out.
fidget to move in a nervous or restless way.
grope to feel about or feel one's way with the hands.
heave to push up or out with great effort.
neuter lacking a sexual aspect; asexual.
participation the act of taking part in.
porch a structure, either open or having windows or screens, that is attached to the outside of a house.
spread to open or stretch out.
trustworthy worthy or deserving of trust and confidence; steadily dependable; reliable.
versus against; in opposition to.