Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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arrange to put in some kind of order, pattern, or design.
bargain an agreement that contains the terms of a transaction or exchange.
daze to stun by a blow or shock.
eavesdrop to listen to other people talk without letting them know.
forge1 to form or shape by heating and hammering.
haze mist, smoke, or dust in the air, making it hard to see.
middle-class of or pertaining to the segment of people in a society who are neither of high rank or low rank with respect to wealth or social status.
nab (informal) to catch or seize; arrest.
necessity a person or thing that is needed.
obvious easily seen or understood; clear.
omit to leave out; not include.
reveal to make known; tell.
skill the power or ability to perform a task well, especially because of training or practice.
terrorist one who uses violence, torture, or physical intimidation to achieve one's ends, especially one's political ends.
wield to handle and use (a weapon, tool, or the like), especially with power or control.