Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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catastrophe an event that brings great harm, suffering, or loss to a large area or many people; terrible disaster.
confident having trust or faith; satisfied and sure.
delivery an act of bringing or sending something to a particular person or place.
dent a small hollow made in a surface by or as if by pressure or a blow.
enjoyable pleasant; giving joy.
flare to begin to burn brightly (often followed by "up").
plump full and round in shape; chubby.
puncture a small hole caused by a sharp object.
rotary turning or able to turn on an axis.
sharp having a thin edge or a fine point.
shuffle to drag or scrape the feet along the floor while walking.
specialty a special skill or field of study.
survival the act or fact of continuing to exist or be alive.
vertical straight up and down; upright.
yield to give forth or produce.