Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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bazaar an outdoor street market made up of rows of little shops or stalls where people buy and sell things.
contact the touching of two things or people.
effectiveness the quality or condition of working as intended or of having the desired result.
gimmick a clever device or idea whose only purpose is to get a customer's attention.
grateful feeling thankful or showing thanks for kindness or something pleasing.
groove a long narrow cut or dent in a surface.
hibernate to sleep through the winter in a den or burrow to save energy. Bears, snakes, and certain other animals hibernate.
obey to follow or carry out the command, instruction, or wishes of.
radar the use of radio waves to track the location, distance, and speed of faraway objects. Waves are sent out and then picked up again when they bounce back after hitting some object.
recover to get back.
reputation the level of respect with which a person is thought of by others.
thicken to make or become thick or thicker.
tile a flat piece of baked clay or other hard material, used to cover floors, walls, or roofs.
twine sturdy string that is made by twisting two or more strands together.
vampire a creature in folk tales that is said to have died but come back to life. Vampires suck blood from people in order to stay among the living.