Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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bless to make holy by religious ritual.
commissioner the head of a government department.
decode to change the symbols in a secret language into ordinary language; decipher.
draft a rough piece of writing that needs more work; sketch.
engrave to cut a design or lettering into.
greed a great desire for more wealth and possessions than one needs or deserves.
guitar a stringed instrument with a long neck and five, six, or twelve strings that are strummed or plucked.
intersect to cut across or pass through; cross.
investigate to look into carefully and closely so as to learn the facts; examine.
location place or position.
nomination the act of choosing a person to run for office.
perpetual lasting forever.
rouse to waken from sleep or a state similar to sleep.
steadily in a regular, even, constant way.
tilt to move or place so that one side is higher than the other; tip.