Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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absolute precise; exact.
brutal cruel or savage.
ceramic of or having to do with objects made of baked clay.
chord2 three or more musical notes played at the same time.
difference the condition of being not like or not the same.
excursion a short trip made for some purpose.
express to make known (ideas, thoughts, or feelings).
gully a deep cut or ditch in the land made by running water.
limit the point at which something ends; a boundary or border.
multiple having or made of more than one part; many.
outcome a result of something.
sensation a condition of being aware of something or feeling something by means of one of the senses.
static without motion; fixed.
vampire a creature in folk tales that is said to have died but come back to life. Vampires suck blood from people in order to stay among the living.
wreck an action or event that results in great or total destruction.