Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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ancient very old; existing for many years.
antique from or made in a time long ago.
conservation the act of keeping and protecting from waste, loss, or destruction.
directly without space or action in between.
dormitory a building with many bedrooms, often lived in by students. Many colleges have dormitories.
factory a building or set of buildings where products are made by machines.
interior being inside or within.
nuisance a person or thing that is annoying.
offender one who has upset or harmed another or has broken a law.
proceed to move forward after a stop.
pursuit the act of following or chasing.
surgeon a medical doctor who does surgery.
thrash to give a beating to; whip.
timetable a schedule that lists the times at which certain events take place. People read timetables to find out when trains, buses, or airplanes will arrive or leave.
wholly entirely; completely.