Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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availability the condition of being ready and able to be used.
communication the sharing or exchange of messages, information, or ideas.
distinct different or set apart; separate.
gush to flood out in large amounts and with great force; spurt.
otherwise in a different manner or other way.
patience the ability to calmly put up with pain or trouble without getting upset or angry.
relieve to make less painful or troubling; ease.
remark a comment or short statement.
sensation a condition of being aware of something or feeling something by means of one of the senses.
shuttle a bus, airplane, train, or spacecraft that travels the same route back and forth.
tension the act of stretching or state of being stretched; strain.
therapist one who specializes in treating people with psychological, emotional, or social problems.
transport the act of carrying or moving from one place to another.
vampire a creature in folk tales that is said to have died but come back to life. Vampires suck blood from people in order to stay among the living.
within in the inner part of; inside.