Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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advertise to present as good or favorable in order to win people's business or support.
atlas a book of maps, tables, or charts.
canal a channel of water made by humans for boat transportation or for bringing water to crops.
cosmetic a preparation used on the face or body to make the person wearing it look more attractive. Lipstick, nail polish, and powder are cosmetics.
elevate to raise or lift up to a higher physical position.
excuse to forgive or pardon.
fortunate lucky; blessed.
garlic a strong smelling plant related to the onion. Its bulbs are used for seasoning.
government the making of laws and important decisions that control or affect all the people living in a community, state, or nation.
mature fully grown.
officer a person holding a position of trust and responsibility in a business, organization, or government agency.
petrify to turn into stone. Minerals left behind by water petrify wood by replacing woods cells when they die.
seize to take hold of in a quick, forceful way; grab.
strategic related to the planning of a series of actions that are meant to lead to a large goal, especially in war.
supervisor a person who watches over other workers and who guides and disciplines them.