Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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approval good opinion; favorable thoughts.
bulk a large size or mass.
cluster a small, close group of things that are alike.
coincide to be in the same place or happen at the same time.
freight goods shipped by boat, plane, train, or truck.
grim stern or harsh.
inspect to look at very carefully to find any problems.
patriotic feeling or showing love for and loyalty to one's country.
publisher a person or company that prepares and brings out books for sale.
ripen to become or cause to become ripe or ready.
sauce a liquid dressing or topping served with food.
shot1 an instance of shooting with a weapon.
stocky thick, sturdy, and often short in build or form; stout.
timid not bold or confident with other people; shy.
transform to change the form, look, or shape of.