Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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although in spite of the fact that; even though.
commercial having to do with trade or business.
compartment a part or area of something that is divided off as a section of the whole.
decade a unit of time equal to ten years.
erect upright in posture or position.
excuse to forgive or pardon.
flunk (informal) to be unsuccessful; fail, as a student in an examination or course.
gasp a sudden, brief taking in of air through the mouth, because of surprise or difficulty breathing.
grain the small hard seeds of cereal plants such as wheat or rice. Grain is used for food and often ground into flour.
gruff low and harsh.
rumor a piece of information or a story passed from one person to another without any proof that it is true.
safely without being harmed.
sail to move over the water.
ware (usually plural) a thing or things offered for sale.
wooden made of wood.