Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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award to give as a prize or honor.
buck3 an informal word for a U.S. dollar.
coma a long, deep state of being unconscious, caused by disease or injury.
eavesdrop to listen to other people talk without letting them know.
employment the act of hiring or keeping someone as a paid worker.
orphan a child whose parents have died.
participation the act of taking part in.
patio a paved area next to a house that is used for dining or relaxing outdoors.
pause a short stop.
perch1 to rest or come to rest on a branch or bar.
replacement a person or thing that takes the position of another or takes over the function of another.
request the act of asking for something.
sensor a device that detects and responds to certain changes in the environment, such as light, temperature, sound, or pressure.
thatch straw, palm leaves, or other dried plant material used as a roof covering.
tidings (sometimes used with a singular verb) news or information.