Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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capability the quality of being skilled or able; ability.
clatter to make a loud rattling noise.
crest a tuft of feathers, bone, or fur on an animal's head, or something that looks like this. The comb of a rooster is one kind of crest.
gleam a small or brief flash or beam of light.
gradually by small steps or degrees.
imaginative having or showing an ability to conceive of things that do not exist; creative.
jolt to shake up or cause to move with a jerk.
manufacture to make by machine in a large quantity.
resist to fight against or oppose.
review to examine or look over again.
seemingly according to what seems or is perceived; apparently.
steam water vapor formed by boiling.
stuffy not having enough fresh air.
submerge to put underwater or in some other liquid.
trait a characteristic or quality that makes a person or animal different from others.