Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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classification the act of putting or ordering things into groups of similar things.
crate a box for packing and shipping made of wood or other material.
desperately with a sense of extreme urgency, need, or despair.
elaborate planned or carried out with great care and attention to details.
fame the condition of being well known or respected by a great number of people.
flutter to wave rapidly back and forth or up and down.
gruff low and harsh.
majestic having majesty; grand; splendid; noble.
organization the quality of being carefully arranged or ordered.
rhythm movement marked by the regular repetition of sounds.
risk a chance of getting hurt or losing something.
screw a metal fastener that is like a nail with grooves that wind around it. A screw can be driven into a surface by turning it while pressing down on the head.
tribal of or relating to a group of people having the same ancestors, customs, and other characteristics.
wander to move about with no purpose, aim, or plan; roam.
wee very small or tiny.