Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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definite clear or exact.
economically as pertains to one's personal finances.
effectively in a way that produces a successful result.
entire having all the parts; whole.
hive something built for or by bees to live in.
image a picture or some other likeness of a person or thing.
morale the state of mind of a person or group; spirit.
noble belonging to a class of people with a high rank or title.
outright complete or total.
prickly full of small, sharp points.
sail to move over the water.
soothe to make less angry, pained, or distressed; calm or comfort.
suggest to put forth for thinking about; propose.
tourist a person who is travelling for pleasure.
undertow a strong current of ocean water moving in the opposite direction from the waves moving toward shore.