Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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adore to love and admire very strongly.
alternate to take turns (usually followed by "with").
apology a statement that one is sorry for something.
cycle a circle of events that repeats in a regular pattern.
defiant showing no respect for authority; refusing to obey.
descend to move downward or to a lower position.
distinguish to tell apart by seeing differences (often followed by "from").
endless having or seeming to have no end; without limits; infinite.
hardware all the physical parts of a computer.
religious devoted to the beliefs of a particular religion.
sail to move over the water.
satellite a heavenly body that moves around a planet or another larger body.
scurry to move quickly or in a hurried way.
therapy treatment meant to cure a disease or heal an injury.
trophy something given to recognize a win or other accomplishment; award.