Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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broad wide; large; full of space.
classification the act of putting or ordering things into groups of similar things.
efficient operating or working in a way that gets results, with little wasted effort.
extent the area, amount, or distance that something reaches or covers; range.
generous willing to give or share; not selfish.
global having to do with the whole earth.
grill a rack of metal bars used to hold foods for cooking over flames.
privacy the condition of being alone or away from the view of other people.
prospect something that is expected or very likely to happen.
satisfy to give what is wanted or needed.
squawk to give a harsh scream.
structural of or pertaining to construction, to things that are constructed, or to the basic parts that are assembled.
totally completely; entirely.
trespass an act of entering the property of another without permission, which is against the law.
vary to change; to make different.