Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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campus the grounds of a school, college, or university.
central main or principal; most important.
counsel help or advice given by an authority or wise person.
flirt to play at love; act in a romantic way that is not serious.
intend to have in mind as something to do.
limit the point at which something ends; a boundary or border.
negotiation (often plural) discussions meant to help people agree on something.
package an object or bundle that is packed, wrapped, or boxed; bundle.
private allowing only certain people to take part in or to know about.
residence a house or any other place where one lives; home.
responsible expected to take care of particular duties and jobs.
restore to bring back into use or existence.
ripen to become or cause to become ripe or ready.
stride to walk with long, even steps.
supreme having the highest rank, position, or authority.