Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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article a single thing; one item out of a group of similar objects.
bazaar an outdoor street market made up of rows of little shops or stalls where people buy and sell things.
citizenship the state of being a legal member of a country.
compete to try to win or get something that others are also trying to get.
dampen to make moist or slightly wet.
deceive to cause to believe something that is not true; trick or fool.
drift the act of being carried away by some force such as the wind or flowing water.
echo the repeating of a sound caused by the bouncing of sound waves from a surface.
history everything that has happened in the past to people or things, or a telling of these events.
membership the state of belonging to a particular group or organization.
offspring the child or young of a particular human, animal, or plant.
old-fashioned looking or being like past styles, manners, or ways of behaving.
sacred having to do with religion.
tour to journey from place to place.
typically usually; normally.