Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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batch an amount used or produced at one time.
blame to place responsibility on for a mistake or fault.
blurt to say suddenly and without thought (usually followed by "out").
coma a long, deep state of being unconscious, caused by disease or injury.
disk any thin, flat, round object, or one that appears flat and round.
especially more than usually; to a great degree.
flex to bend again and again.
frill an unnecessary or superfluous ornament or luxury.
genial cheerful and friendly.
grove a small group of trees.
investigate to look into carefully and closely so as to learn the facts; examine.
jest a funny saying or action; joke.
sacred having to do with religion.
serious marked by careful thinking or consideration.
swoop to sweep down suddenly from above, or as if from above in attack (often followed by "down on").