Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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ail to trouble or cause pain to.
biography the written story of the facts and events of a person's life.
blunt having a dull edge or point; not sharp.
disease a condition that causes harm to the health of a person, animal, or plant; illness; sickness.
foliage leaves on a tree or other plant.
kindle to build or start (a fire).
massage to treat by rubbing, stroking, or kneading the body.
meadow an open field of grass that is growing wild or is used for pasture or to grow hay.
medal a flat, small piece of metal that has a design or words stamped on it, used as an honor or reward.
mercy kind treatment by someone who has some power over another.
opponent one who fights, plays, or takes a position against another.
practically almost; nearly.
thus in this way; so.
unfold to open or spread out from a folded condition.
unsuccessful not resulting in or achieving the desired goal.