Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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conduct to lead or guide.
creative able to make or do something new or with imagination.
department a separate part of a large organization, such as a government, school, or business.
distress a state of great need or trouble.
eve (sometimes capitalized) the evening or day before a holiday or other special day.
miniature A miniature is something that is exactly like something else but much smaller in size.
mound a raised pile; heap.
remain to go on being; continue in a particular way without a change.
suspect one who is believed to have committed a crime or done something wrong.
talent a natural skill or ability.
tardy late or delayed.
tile a flat piece of baked clay or other hard material, used to cover floors, walls, or roofs.
traditional relating to customs and ways of doing things in a particular culture that are passed down from parents to children.
transaction a piece of business, such as a sale or trade.
uncover to discover or make known; reveal.