Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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ban to forbid or have an official rule against; prohibit.
deepen to make or become deep or deeper.
everlasting going on forever; never ending.
hatred a feeling of very strong dislike.
instructor one who teaches or instructs; a teacher.
mechanic a worker who is skilled in making, using, and repairing tools, machines, and motors.
occur to take place; happen.
paragraph a part of something written made up of one or more sentences that develop a certain idea. A paragraph begins on a new line which is usually indented from the other lines.
punctual on time; prompt.
shock1 a sudden and powerful scare; an upset of the mind or feelings.
toil1 long or difficult work.
vain not leading to a desirable or lasting effect.
whimper to cry in weak, broken sounds.
whiten to make or become white.
youth the quality or state of being young.