Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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adopt to become a parent of (a child) by law, or to accept an animal as a pet and become responsible for it.
collapse to fall down; give way; cave in.
comrade a close friend who shares one's main interests.
eject to throw out with force.
employer a person or business that pays others to work.
except apart from; not including; but.
gait a way of walking or running.
guardian a person who guards or protects.
loosen to undo or release.
permanent lasting or meant to last for a very long time; everlasting.
shawl a piece of fabric that is worn over the shoulders or around the head and shoulders. It is larger and heavier than a scarf.
suite several things that together form a set or series.
trespass an act of entering the property of another without permission, which is against the law.
unlike different; not equal.
update to provide with new or current information.