Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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detach to separate from a whole.
disease a condition that causes harm to the health of a person, animal, or plant; illness; sickness.
fee an amount of money requested or paid for a service.
foliage leaves on a tree or other plant.
homeless having no place indoors to live.
horrid causing a feeling of horror; dreadful; frightening.
hydrant an upright pipe with a valve from which water can be drawn from a water main.
permanent lasting or meant to last for a very long time; everlasting.
proper correct for a certain purpose.
religious devoted to the beliefs of a particular religion.
slit to cut a long straight line into or through.
tissue a group of cells in an animal or plant body that are like each other and do similar things.
tremendous very large in degree or size; huge.
uproot to pull up or tear out of the ground by the roots.
whiten to make or become white.