Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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carnivore an animal that eats the flesh of other animals.
coax to get someone to do something by gentle urging.
conspiracy a secret agreement among two or more people to do something wrong or illegal; plot.
crude natural; raw.
engrave to cut a design or lettering into.
fee an amount of money requested or paid for a service.
grant that which is given, often by a ruler, a government, or other institution, for a purpose considered to be of high value.
mercy kind treatment by someone who has some power over another.
neutral not taking any side in an argument or contest.
overdue not paid, delivered, or returned by the expected date.
presence the state or condition of being in a place at a certain time.
reluctance a state of unwillingness or disinclination, often arising from uncertainty or doubt.
representation the showing or picturing of something in a work of art.
squint to partly close the eyelids.
warmth the condition of being warm; heat.