Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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amaze to surprise greatly or fill with wonder; astonish.
attack to begin to cause harm to.
brighten to become or cause to be enlivened or more cheerful.
conversation talk between people.
discovery the act of finding or seeing something before anyone else.
halo a circle of light shining around the head of a god, an angel, or a saint in a picture.
heavenly having to do with heaven as in religion or the space above the earth.
meaningful full of significance; having an important message.
merchant an owner of a shop.
naturally of course; surely; without a doubt.
occasion an event or the time at which it happens.
pace rate of movement.
plug an object made of cork, rubber, or other material used to block an opening.
shawl a piece of fabric that is worn over the shoulders or around the head and shoulders. It is larger and heavier than a scarf.
versus against; in opposition to.