Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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ancient very old; existing for many years.
buck3 an informal word for a U.S. dollar.
conference a meeting to discuss a particular matter.
construction the act or process of putting parts together to build or create.
creative able to make or do something new or with imagination.
customer a person who buys products or services.
grim stern or harsh.
hypnosis a condition like sleep that is caused by the direction of another person. People under hypnosis may do or say things as directed or suggested by the person who has put them in this condition.
inject to introduce into by force or pressure with a needle.
intense having a very great degree of something, such as heat, or being in a very great degree or state.
ooze to leak out slowly. Liquids, gases, and sounds may ooze.
physics the science that deals with matter and energy, their qualities, and the relationships between them. It includes the study of light, heat, sound, electricity, and force. (The word is used with a singular verb.)
proverb a short, often-used saying that expresses something wise or true.
specialty a special skill or field of study.
treason the betrayal of one's country by going to war against it or giving information to its enemies.