Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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collector a person who acquires a set of objects over time, such as stamps, baseball cards, or art works.
content1 (usually plural) whatever is held or contained in something.
denial a statement that something is false.
developer someone who buys land and makes it ready to be used for homes, business, recreation, or the like.
explosion the act of bursting or the noise made by bursting.
gene a tiny section of a chromosome. A gene causes a particular characteristic, such as eye color or hair color, to be passed on from parent to offspring.
lurk to be hidden; lie in wait.
meek doing what others want; not standing up for oneself; tame.
racial having to do with a race of people.
slightly to a small degree or by a small amount; a little.
survey the collecting of information on a particular subject from a small portion of the public.
unfortunately a word used to express that an event being talked about is something unlucky or something that turned out badly.
upholstery materials used to cover furniture.
variety change or difference; diversity.
victor the winner of a contest, battle, argument, or struggle.