Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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downward toward a lower place or condition.
gait a way of walking or running.
hind at or near the back; rear.
hygiene the practice of keeping clean to stay healthy and prevent disease.
instruction the act of giving knowledge; teaching.
involved complicated because made up of many different connected parts or steps; intricate; complex.
member one of the people or things in a particular group.
ornament something that is added to make something more beautiful to look at; decoration.
persecute to continually treat in a cruel or harsh way because of race, religion, political ideas, or some other difference.
preparation the act of getting something ready.
snout the front part of an animal's head that sticks out. The snout includes the nose, mouth, and jaws.
style the manner in which something is said or done.
teethe to have teeth growing out through the gums.
vibrate to move back and forth very rapidly and steadily.
virus a tiny organism that can reproduce only in living cells. Viruses cause disease in humans, animals, and plants.